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Last week, Barbie Izquierdo and I were invited to the White House to join a group of national anti-hunger advocates, researchers, public health specialists and foundations to talk about how the new film “A Place at the Table” could help to energize a national movement to end hunger in the United States.

Three years ago around this time, there were hundreds of people in the room at a local Salvation Army—all holding a little ticket number, waiting to pick up donated toys for the Christmas holiday.  I went there to visit witness Barbie I., along with a reporter from the Associated Press, Pauline Arillaga, so she could interview Barbie and get to know her while she waited her turn to get toys for her children.  The result was a story about Witnesses to Hunger that was picked up by over 200 newspapers in the US and around the world.

All Children are Holy


Let’s start with this season’s holy child, Jesus.  His first food was holy food: Breast milk.  Same is true for Mohammed, Moses, Maimonides, and Siddhartha—the Buddha.  There is no great spiritual leader in human history who was not breastfed.


As we make the final preparations, we can feel it: our conference is going to be poppin’!—as some of the ladies of Witnesses say.  Poppin?  It means really fun, exciting, interesting, the happening thing. Check it out!

By Mariana Chilton

When an organization names itself, it sets down some basic expectations about what it is and where it’s headed. We call ourselves the Center for Hunger-Free Communities.  But what exactly is a “hunger-free community?”


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